Jailbreak iPhone 4S

expert techniques for jailbreaking your apple iPhone

The In’s and Out’s of Jailbreaking iPhone 4 / 4S Phones

Should You Jailbreak Your Iphone 4?

One of the first things you need to consider is whether you like your iPhone 4 as it currently is configured or whether you would like to add more options to it. Apple has restricted which apps and customizations you can put on the iPhone 4 to those that have been approved and licensed by them. These are the only things you’ll see in the Apple Store.

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Let’s say your friend’s iPhone 4S has a neat wallpaper that you’d like to use, but you don’t see that available from the Apple Store. Now what? That’s where jailbreaking comes in.

Jailbreaking allows your device to accept thousands of apps from Web sites across the Internet.

Jailbreaking removes the restrictions in the software on your phone so it will accept these other small programs (apps) from third-party vendors. However, the process also strips away some of the safety features of the software, so you open your device up to potential malware from unscrupulous Web sites. That’s why you need to do some serious investigation into the sources of these apps.

Another thing that becomes apparent is that you need to think about how compatible the new programs are to what you already have loaded on your device. Will the new apps interfere with making phone calls? Will they drain your battery so you’re constantly having to recharge it? Do they lock up one or more of your phone’s functions?

If you don’t change the iOS on your iPhone 4, then you don’t have to worry about this. Apple programmers have produced a product that will work worry-free for its lifetime.

But you want that wallpaper! So you decide to jailbreak your iPhone 4.

Depending on which model you have, there are several jailbreak programs available to use.

This Web site has a full table so you can select the correct program to use.

Select your model and version of iPhone 4 and then use the suggested program to jailbreak your iPhone 4. You need to decide if you want to do the tethered jailbreaking, which requires you to repeat the jailbreaking after every reboot and upgrade and battery replacement, or the untethered jailbreaking, which only has to be done once.

Whereas earlier versions for jailbreaking were simple and could be done on your own, Apple programs are continually being updated and closing the loopholes in the security functions so the jailbreaking becomes more convoluted and involved. As an example, there are 20 steps (!) listed on this Web site to jailbreak the iPhone 4S.

Do you really want to go through all of this? And possibly more than once, if one reads the comments below the article?

But you really want that wallpaper! So your iPhone 4 is now jailbroken. And you begin to look around for apps to download.

The apps that become available to your iPhone 4 increase its functionality.

Here are a few of the apps that you might want to put on your opened iPhone 4, none of which are available from the Apple Store:

  • Backgrounder – allows you to run apps in the background while using your iPhone for other tasks
  • Activator – provides a framework for all kinds of touchscreen gestures
  • Kirikae – used with Backgrounder to switch between tasks
  • SBSettings – lets you adjust settings from a pop-up window
  • Cycorder – full-motion video for your pre-3GS iPhone
  • MyWay – lets you share your 3G connection with other devices
  • Winterboard – offers different themes for your homescreen
  • IRealSMS – allows you to send text messages without opening the SMS app
  • VoIPOver3G – tricks apps into thinking they’re using WiFi
  • Intelliscreen – puts several useful icons onto your homescreen
  • Veency – allows you to control your iPhone from your computer

Some other apps that don’t improve the functionality of the phone itself but are useful in your life include the following free apps:

  • Trapster – adds GPS location and mapping to your iPhone 4
  • Weight Tracker – allows you to input your weight and helps keep you on track to lose more
  • Adobe Photoshop Express – is the same as the one on your computer but miniaturized for the iPhone screen
  • Any.do – task management app to keep you on track
  • Cloze – collects and prioritizes your contacts from social media sources
  • ESPN Score Center – keeps you updated on all sorts of stats from games or your favorite team
  • Evernote – used instead of those sticky notes you have pasted all over your walls
  • Flow Free – puzzle games for those down times
  • IMDb Movies & TV – trivia about movies and TV shows
  • LevelUp – displays QR codes so you can easily make purchases
  • Onavo Extend – compresses data on your phone so you don’t run into data usage problems
  • Shazam – trivia about songs and music that you know but just can’t quite remember
  • Twitter – if you can’t stop tweeting…

The above are only a few of the apps listed in this article from PC Magazine (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2366274,00.asp).

And there are thousands of paid apps that you can buy and use.

iphone 4 jailbreaking advice Lots of gaming programs are available for purchase. In fact, the iPhone 4 was voted the fastest selling portable gaming device in 2011, ahead of Nintendo DS and Sony’s PSP! This seems to indicate that games are the favorite app type of iPhone 4 owners.

Here are a few Web sites that list different games you can purchase for your jailbroken iPhone 4:

  • http://store.apple.com/us — the official Apple Store Web site
  • http://business2press.com/2010/08/16/top-best-new-iphone-apps-games-list/
  • http://iphoneapplicationlist.com/apps/
  • http://iphone-apps.toptenreviews.com/games/
  • http://www.tuaw.com/2010/11/16/tuaws-holiday-gift-guide-must-have-apps-for-your-iphone-4/

As you can see, you can add a lot of functionality and some exciting games to your jailbroken iPhone 4. And if you are very careful about where you get your apps, you shouldn’t have to worry about messing up your iPhone 4 from its original uses.

So, you need to decide and act if you want to jailbreak your iPhone 4 or leave it as it was made by Apple. After all, the Apple App Store offers thousands of games and functional apps that are guaranteed to work without damaging your iPhone. So, jailbreaking might not be necessary.

Why Should You Consider Jailbreaking iPhone 4s?

Are you an iPhone 4s user? Do you want to jailbreak your iPhone 4s? Well, there are so many reasons why you should want to jailbreak iPhone 4s and one of the common reasons why iPhone jailbreaking is very popular is that it allows you to use your preferred network carrier. Through jailbreaking, you can also install other applications, themes, and tweaks, which are not pre-approved by Apple Company. The Apple Company is very meticulous when it comes to selecting applications for iPhones, but through jailbreaking you will then be opening your iPhone to endless possibilities that ‘Black Market’ offers.

Below are the top reasons for jailbreaking iPhone 4s

It allows you to use your preferred network carrier

The Apple Company as much as possible tried to make their iPhone 4s exclusive wherever you are in the world. The very reason for doing this is to keep the market price of iPhone high, keep the exclusivity of the phone, secure control over use, and of course have that feeling of superiority for iPhone 4s users. Although iPhone is one of the most in demand phones today, the truth remains that it ranked third in popularity. Through the process of jailbreaking, iphone 4s users will be able to choose their preferred network provider. The choice can be based on the price, services, and network coverage. You can also use your iPhone anywhere you want to.

Jailbreaking allows you to install non-Apple approved applications straight to your iPhone

Aside from using your preferred network carrier, one of the common reasons why people want to jailbreak iphone 4s is to install applications that are not approved by Apple Company. Apple Company restricts many applications in an attempt to make iPhone highly exclusive. If you want to enjoy smartphone applications available in the playstore, then the best thing to do is to jailbreak iPhone.

Jailbreaking lets you install tweaks, wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, etc

If you jailbreak your phone, you are literally opening your iphone to endless possibilities. Once your iPhone is already jailbroken, then you will be able to access interesting tweaks. You can instantly change the icons of your iPhone, menu setting, wallpaper, screen saver, and other special function buttons. Jailbroken iphone 4s lets you connect to internet, tether, and other web based programs.

Jailbreaking is indeed one of the common subjects for iPhone users. If you want to get the most out of your iPhone, then jailbreaking is the answer. You don’t have to be technically savvy in order to jailbreak your phone. As a matter of fact, a little knowledge about jailbreaking will do. On other hand, if you are not confident enough to jailbreak your phone on your own, then it is best to ask the help of expert. If you search online, you will find various instructions on how to jailbreak your iphone depending on your iOS and iPhone specifications. Iphone jailbreaking is indeed a very wise decision because by simply doing so, you are literally opening your phone to tons of functionality.

A Closer Look at Various jailbreak iPhone 4S / 4 Methods

People are very excited with the rumors of iPhone 6 soon being launched by Apple, which means more availability to jailbreak iPhone 4S models. This is both very exciting as well as worrisome for those who are the current owners of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Though these phones are currently at the top of the heap as far as best smartphones are concerned but they will lose their sheen as soon as a much more advanced iPhone 6 makes its appearance in the market. This is why owners of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have started to look for ways to upgrade their gadgets. It is only natural for Apple to be more concerned at looking at the sales of its new avatar of iPhone rather than bothering about the concerns of its existing customers. This means owners of these models have to somehow achieve jailbreak iPhone 4S using tools that are third party and do not involve the carrier or Apple in any way. It is known to all iPhone owners by now that it is through jailbreaking only that they can un-earthen new features on their gadgets and then follow it with an enhanced user experience. This also allows iPhone owners to make use of apps that are not there on the app store of Apple.

Can You Jailbreak iPhone 4S?

10It is surprising but the fact is that even in exchange for so many benefits from jailbreak and jailbreaking, most iPhone owners are just not ready to pay money to get these procedures done in their devices. They feel as if they are wasting their money if they are asked by companies to pay money to jailbreak iPhone 4S. This explains the high number of searches conducted by iPhone users for free tools for iPhone 4S jailbreak which is also safe and reliable. The fact is that there is no authentic free tool for learning how to jailbreak iPhone 4S available on the internet that is also safe and reliable. People looking for free hardware based tools for jailbreaking their iPhones is a result of this frustration of unavailability of free software based tool on the internet. But these interposer kits are not for free and you have to pay a onetime fee to help jailbreak your iPhone using these software. Furthermore, the interposer kits cannot achieve jailbreak for iPhones of all basebands and they have limitations in this regard. You are left on your own and cannot ask for an upgrade once you have got your iPhone jailbreaked using such kits. This means you have to pay the fees again if you jailbreaked but Apple upgraded the iOS of your model and you need the services of the kit again.

Despite these limitations, it is a fact that thousands of iPhone owners have bought and made successful use of these interposer kits for jailbreaking iPhone 4S. The popularity of these interposer kits is also because they are very easy to use and even a novice can achieve jailbreak for his phone with the help of these kits as they are really plug and play type solutions. You just buy the kit and install it in your phone and sit back as the kit achieves jailbreak of your iPhone on its own. This is great if you do not know a thing about how to jailbreak iPhone 4S.

However, interposer kits are not a one stop solution and have several problems also. You find that you lose connection during jailbreaking procedure again and again making it difficult to follow the instructions. Gevey has just launched a new Ultra SIM that does not ask the owner to make an emergency call to the service provider to get to the unique identification number of the device.

Making use of free software for jailbreak iPhone 4S

jailbreaking 4s modelsThe market, especially the internet is full of software based tools to achieve jailbreak and jailbreak of iPhones. The more popular ones among these are Ultrasn0w, Blacksn0w, Blackra1n, Limesn0w etc. These tools have been made available by dev teams working round the clock across the world. These teams get to work as soon as a new iOS is introduced by the company or as soon as a new model of iPhone arrives in the market. The downside of the tools is that they cannot provide support or updates to the clients and they also do not work with all the basebands of iPhones. Take a look at the following step by step guide to achieve iPhone 4S jailbreaking using a free tool from the internet.

  1. Download and install working software from this website
  2. make sure you download the version that matches the OS of your computer
  3. use the program to build custom IPSW
  4. Install the program on your computer and click on start after connecting you iPhone
  5. Let the software work and wait till you find Cydia installed on the home screen of your device

Ultrasn0w as a tool claims that if you are able to follow these instructions in a correct manner, you can easily jailbreak the iPhone 4S. But after making a comparative study of these tools, we have come to a conclusion that these tools are not that easy to use as they claim and a slight mistake on the part of the user can cause irreparable damage to his expensive gadget. It is prudent to stay away from these free tools available on the internet.

Safe jailbreak iPhone 4s that is also software based

You can take it for granted that Apple will never bother to release a software based tool to make it easier for iPhone owners to jailbreak iPhone 4S. Also, it is advisable to stay away from kits or tools that are hardware based as they can cause bricking of your gadget. This is the reason why third party solutions that are software based are the best option for you if you are looking for jailbreaking your iPhone 4S.